Why is it important that community leaders participate in the FWD El Paso economic and demographic forecasting process?

It is important to gather input from prominent local citizens in order to accurately prepare a model to evaluate future transportation needs of the El Paso Metropolitan Area.  It is also important to have a well-balanced panel of experts and community leaders in order to obtain the best results.

The Delphi Method requires a panel of about 35 and 40 members to participate throughout the process.   Therefore, it is important that as many of the invited community leaders participate as possible in order to obtain the best possible results.

What kinds of expertise are needed from community leaders?

Determining the appropriate composition for the FWD El Paso panel membership and selecting candidates to fill each seat are among the more critical elements in achieving a successful outcome to the Delphi Method.  The panel must consist of knowledgeable people with background or experience related to the topic, geographic area, or policy trends related to the target question.   The following is a list of the groups from which the panel of community leaders with expertise in various areas of community growth will be drawn:

• City and County staff members
• Commissions and other official international or cross-border agencies
• Military Bases
• Chambers of Commerce and other Business Organizations
• School Districts
• Local universities
• Hospitals
• Real Estate Brokerage Firms
• Large Employers
• Financial Professionals (Banks, Savings & Loans, etc.)
• MPO staff members
• MPO Policy Committee members
• MPO Technical Committee members

How much time will community leaders need to commit to completing the FWD El Paso Delphi Method?

The participating community leaders will be asked to attend a Kick-Off meeting that will last approximately four hours.  During the months of May, June and July, the participating community leaders will be asked to commit to providing approximately thirty-minutes of their time (within a broad window of several days time) approximately every two weeks, for a total of 4 or 5 iterative forecasting sessions. 

How will participation in the FWD El Paso Delphi Process benefit the participating community leaders and the El Paso community?

The economic growth of the region depends on its transportation infrastructure. Without a transportation system that meets the future needs of the community, economic growth will be negatively impacted.   Participation in the FWD El Paso Delphi Process will help to create a transportation system that will support the economic growth of the region.