The Kickoff Meeting

Although ideally the initial kickoff meeting is held in a location where participants can interact and discuss ideas, due to the social distancing required for the COVID-19, the initial workshop will be held online and interaction between participants will be encouraged as much as possible through the web enabled virtual workshop. The online kickoff meeting is scheduled for 1:00 - 3:00 pm (MT) on June 11th, 2020.

The following is an outline of the activities from the online kickoff meeting for the El Paso Delphi Process: 

El Paso Kickoff Meeting Agenda
  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Activity 1. Poll to Learn the Panel’s Areas of Knowledge and Expertise
  • Overview of the Region
    • Activity 2: Poll of Panel’s Geographical Coverage
  • Growth Trends and Future Growth Scenarios
    • Activity 3. Poll on Factors Affecting Growth in the El Paso Region
  • Growth Opportunities and Constraints
    • Activity 4. Breakout Session - Mapping Opportunities & Constraints
  • Demographic Allocation Process
    • Activity 5. Demonstration of Online Process
  • Review of Next Steps and Support Resources
  • Adjournment & Thank You